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We've got more services. We supply and support Microsoft 365 for example. We can supply low cost Support Contracts. With our support contracts, we can remotely support your servers and computers.

Got that desire to start something new? Now helpcomputing can supply cloud-based telephone services.

However we evolve, we are still helpcomputing and whether you are a home user or a business user, we've got you.

Help For You.

helpcomputing is all about helping you whether you are at home, or in business. And we can help with a range of agreements aimed at keeping an eye on your computers for you – all the way to supporting your company with Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

Get clarity. Dip in now to see where we can support you.

Telephone Services.

Start Something New. New ideas. New business. It’s not always about websites and forms. Sometimes you need to be able to speak to people using real phone numbers. And use your new numbers as a new strategy for your business. Or an off-shoot to your business.

Look well established with a London 0207 or 0208 number, or any other UK Geographical number. You could choose to have a national 0333 number. You'll get a telephone app where you can take and make calls, wherever you are, from your mobile phone – or your computer.

Explore what you can do with your number. See how helpcomputing is so much cheaper than BT, with no contracts too. See how it works by clicking here.

Connected Antivirus.

What would it be like if you connected your computer to helpcomputing? What would it be like if your Anti-Virus was more human? What would it be like if your Anti-Virus could protect your computer like other Anti-Virus do, but also have a human from helpcomputing manage your computer's security?

For the same price as ordinary Anti-Virus.

Our Integrated, Connected Antivirus is called CloudCare AV and it works with our remote systems. Click the image above for more details.

Microsoft 365.

Stay in the cloud. Work on your desktop. Know that your work is safe.

It's time to always have the latest versions of Office apps, like Word, PowerPoint and Excel on all your devices. helpcomputing can supply Microsoft 365 products for Home, Business and Enterprise - at Microsoft Pricing.

helpcomputing can help you choose the right Microsoft 365 product for your home. And, as a Microsoft Partner, helpcomputing can offer you full support for your Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise products.

Other Services.

Other services that we supply include computer fixes. We specialise in repairing the unfixable. The computer ravaged by viruses. The computer that has become a treacle-slow computer. We cap our computer repair and computer fix servicing so that you don't get bill shock.

We'll diagnose your computer firstly, free of charge. Your computer fault might be straightforward and we'll just tell you how to fix it, free of charge. It might be a quick fix and we'll charge you £30.00. Whatever is wrong with your computer, you'll get a quote first so that you don't get bill shock.

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